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“Dial-A-Driver” ® Australia Pty Limited

Are you planning on having that social drink tonight? Thinking you might be over .05? Chances are that you will be.

Think before you Drink, Think Twice before you drive, Don’t risk the loss of your licence or the life of another road user.
We currently, service Hervey Bay & Maryborough and all of the Wide Bay region.
Business Partners are currently available for the Sunshine Coast.

For less than the cost of a Taxi Cab or Limousine home, we are only a one-way fare, this is by far more a cost-effective way of getting both you & you’re car home Safely.

If you have had after a good night out with your friends or family,
ring 1300 05 15 50 and from as low as $20.00 one of our professional ‘Dial-A-Drivers®’ team will be dropped off at the location of your vehicle and will meet and greet you (A) and then drive you and your passengers in your vehicle to your home destination (B) (please note that we can only have one excess passenger in our vehicle).

Our Friendly Professional drivers will make sure that you arrive to your destination safely. Our aim is to remove the temptation by using the best alternative, so why take the risk Drink Driving when all you have to do is call the name that you can trust
DIAL-A-DRIVER®’Australia on 1300 05 15 05


Our Normal operational hours are: (subject to change without notice)

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday – 12:00PM (noon) to 11:00PM

Thursday – 12:00PM (noon) to 1:00AM

Friday & Saturday – 12:00PM (Noon) to 3:00AM (Business Partners may change times for demand)

(Good Friday, Christmas & Boxing Day, or any main Public Holiday attracts a $10:00 Surcharge)


Yes We Are Fully Insured

We are the original Innovators of this concept in Australia and remain pro active in the research and development of the effects of alcohol & drink driving. We suggest that you do your homework on other similar Businesses who say that they have insurance but actually don’t. However they do hide behind Disclaimers or please sign here (Example) if the Hired Driver has an accident in your vehicle, and is at fault and they are not covered, they might pay your excess ??? and when you do go to court, they may offer you $5.00 a week until the debt is totally repaid – sad but true – and this information is factual.


With our insurance we are covered up to $100,000-00 in public liability, and we can drive any vehicle of value of up to $100,000-00 and we also carry extra contingency insurance, so that you are safeguarded for the entire trip. So think about that… Ask them to show their policies, (and that’s if they have insurance), if they ask you to sign a waiver, think about what you are signing. Don’t think about just getting home quickly or cheaply, think about how much it will cost you if you do not use a professional company. Honestly why would you let a cheaper business drive you & your car home home in the first place ? If you see the words YOU TAKE FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE VEHICLE – DO NOT RISK IT.



Warning about other similar services using our name:

As you are probably aware, there are many other similar businesses using the name ‘Dial – A – Driver®’  We have been established since 1984, these other businesses are not apart of nor are they associated with our company.


We also drive trucks, ride motorcycles, boats & jet-ski’s. Please inform the call centre, so we know what we are driving or riding, and we will send the appropriate driver or rider with the correct licence. IE; Truck or Bike.We also do pick ups for clients who may need their vehicles taken home from a day surgery i.e from hospitals, eye specialist’s or any medical or emergency situation (even the courthouse, if you have been to court and lost your licence for D.U.I) We will even pick up your car and drop it off to a mechanics for a service, if you don’t have the time to get there yourself. We will even supply Driver’s at an hourly rate for Transport Company’s, should one of your drivers be unable to work for the day or week.

NO CASH ! NO WORRYS –  We accept:

We carry mobile eftpos and credit card facilities in all cars for your convenience. Eftpos, MasterCard, Visa Cards and American Express are happily accepted.


What we do ask from you, during peak periods (such as Friday and Saturday evenings, or public holidays) is that you BOOK up to an HOUR in advance, as this way it will keep the momentum going and will cut down on waiting times. Being ready to go when our friendly driver arrives will also assist in reducing waiting times for others down the line. Our usual waiting times can vary from 20 minutes and sometimes in peak periods up to an hour, so we strongly recommend that you CALL & BOOK IN ADVANCE to keep your waiting time to a absolute Minimum.


If you are booking on line via our web page, please pre book from up to 24 – 48 Hours prior booking, as this will allow the bookings to be on scheduled time and our drivers are informed of the booking. Booking for Hervey Bay, Booking for Maryborough, Booking for Sunshine Coast


Unfortunately, from time to time, as we are involved in an industry that is based on the consumption of alcohol by our clients, our drivers are sometimes the target of unruly behaviour. Dial-A-Driver® Pty Ltd has a strict policy in regards to this. Any Unruly Behaviour, Abuse directed at our drivers or staff, Violent behaviour, Damage to our Vehicles, Fare Evasion, or any other illegal or unsafe behaviour will not be tolerated under any circumstances. We will refer the matter immediately to the Police and you will be possibly charged.

Please remember that we are out there to earn a living and get you home safe. We respect you for having the sense in using our service instead of driving and getting busted for D.U.I so in turn we also expect the same amount of respect, whilst doing our job.

By using the ‘DIAL-A-DRIVER®’ system, you are Guaranteed the 100% RISK FREE FACTOR of never losing your licence. This prevents the liability issues, your possible loss of income, the big fines, those huge legal costs, and the fact that you may never get car insurance again. Best of all you won’t have the worry of the embarrassment of being pulled over and being breath tested, arrested, and then taken to the local Police station and will save the explaining & excuses to your loved ones. So………

Be Smart, plan ahead, Don’t Drink Drive, Call D.A.D ‘DIAL-A-DRIVER®’ (the original) Today / Tonight / this week etc without delay, One Company One Number is all you need

Australia Wide 1300 05 15 05

Don't Drink and Drive .05